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the SMiK web design team consists of a group of creative individuals whose passion for providing clients with a unique product and a superior level of service led to an exciting “meeting of minds” from which SMiK web design has evolved.

the focus of SMiK web design is to provide clients with a complete online package – a website that looks fantastic, has outstanding functionality, is user friendly for both our client and their potential customers – and of utmost importance – given the enormous amount of information now available online – is able be found with ease on the World Wide Web.

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I’m Simon Frost and I am married to Michelle, the SMiK marketing Guru. I have a hi-tech background, computers, programming, power engineering and GPS but now I spend my days online, developing websites and writing funky pieces of code to make them better.

Like Michelle I have been selling digital information online all around the world, in various niche areas since 2006. The marketing focus to my software development skills give the websites developed by SMiK an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) edge over competing websites.

Warning – I love CMS’s (Content Management Systems). What’s a CMS? Simply, its a bunch of code and a data base glued together to serve up dynamic webpages on the net. I use them for all our clients websites because they are easy. Easy to build, easy to maintain and especially easy for customers to manage and update themselves.

As the girls say, if you want to talk techie then talk to Simon, I can hold my own with almost anyone on the techie side of web development. But I’m not all about computers, programming or engineering, I’ve broadened my range to include marketing, graphic design, photography and product development

If your Web Site’s not working just the way you want or you need it fixed.

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My name is Michelle Frost and I am married to Simon, the SMiK programmer and general techie. We have 5 great kids that keep us real. I have a teaching background and have run an online business since 2002, selling digital information all around the world, in various niche areas.

More recently I have created and run a number of e-commerce/e-marketing workshops for women in small business as well as for the wider business community. These workshops have been supported by the state and local governments. I am currently designing a new workshop series to be provided to local small/medium businesses, in the near future, to help grow their business online.

My role in SMiK is to run the search engine optimisation (SEO) service provided to you. After years of running my own online businesses (which I still run), I have vast knowledge and skills in the SEO field. I will put this to work by doing heaps of research about your business and using that information to help get your website ranked high in the search engines (Google, Bing etc.) AND get you lots of customers. I can also provide training to show you or your employees how to manage your online marketing.Smile For more information about these services, SMiK Training.

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We have a brilliant team of Graphic designers and Photographers to give your site the inspired look that will make it stand out from the crowd. Our team really delivers, and we believe all our SMiK Web Design websites look fantastic and leaves a lasting impression. What do you think?

Hi! I am Fortunato Martuña Jr. and I am married to January Charmayne Martuña, a web designer as well as developer. I am a graduate of BSIT (Information Technology) at Saint Columban College, Pagadian City. I’ve been doing home-based jobs for almost 4 years already but have been employed by SmiK Web Design for 2 years already.

My role in SMiK Web Design is to build websites based on the company’s standards and building process. From obtaining project requirements, adding contents, coding, theme modification, graphics related tasks and seo – all these were part of my job and I am very proud to say that I have learned most of them since Michelle and Simon hired me.

Wordpress and Joomla is where I am most comfortable with.




In my 27 years of existence I’ve tried a lot of different fields of work. Some of these works are not related to my field of expertise which is computer related  but still I have no regrets of those experiences. I see it as a vehicle to my career in which I see it now arising.

HI! I am January Charmayne S. Martuña and I am happily married for almost 2 years to Fortunato Martuña and blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree of Information Technology at  Saint Columban College, Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. And I’m into Online Job back  year 2009 up to present. I’ve tried working on specific type of SEO jobs like – Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, Forum Posting, and Link building. Months later I decided to shift to Web Designing/Web Development as I am very more interested on it.  In creating a design for a template/ logo designing I usually depend on using Photoshop, and on building, customizing, and developing a website I usually depend on CMS which is often I used WordPress and Joomla and there were few sites I build using dreamweaver. It depends on the request of the clients. I also do created some Facebook Fanpage with the fanpage creator software and photoshop on other designing stuffs.

What I like most being on online job is that I can be a boss of my own and i get to spend more time with my family. You save money by eliminating the commute to and from the office, you also eliminate a lot of the corporate stress that many hard working people suffer from. There are a few disadvantages to being your own boss as well but the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Hi! I am Fibe Audal, a graduate of Computer Engineering in Mindanao University of Science and Technology, Cagayan de Oro City. I am happily married to a seafarer and we have 2 hyperactive boys. I have been working online since 2008 and being a web developer in SmikWeb id by far the most enjoyable jobs that I had since I can work online while watching over my kids. Web designing has been my passion ang hobby since college and I always love the challenge that my work brings me (e.g. coding). Some of the software that I use for my work are Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Wamp, WordPress, Jing (for videos creatin), Market Samurai, Google Adwords and many others. Besides working as a web developer, I also have experiences with being a graphic designer and SEO/Link Builder — blog/forum commenting, on/off page SEO, social media marketing, creating and spinning articles, article and video submission. I get personal satisfaction whenever I get to see the websites that I created or customized already up and running.